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Hello and welcome to our site!

We are Linda and Kristina Tyler, the creators of Getting Real In Your Kitchen. It’s our goal to help busy moms provide real food for their children. Click here to learn more!

This is where we hope we will be able to say, “you have reached your final destination.”

This is where we want it to finally “click” for you as far as getting real in your kitchen goes.

You already know and understand the importance of feeding real foods to your family.

And you know what real foods are and what they are not, but you’re having trouble getting them to your dinner table every night.

You are overwhelmed with the whole process and you are not setting yourself up for success!

 And that’s where we come in.

We will teach you step by step how to do this real food thing.

We will take the hard out of it.

We will show you a simple system that will help you on your real food journey.

We will show you that it really is easier than you ever could have imagined!

Real food is often stand alone good!

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Why Trust Us

Our personal accomplishments proves that our simple, meal planning system really works!  

Since we have developed our process:
  • Meal planning is a breeze.
  • We plug in meals without overthinking.
  • There are days we barely have to cook (yet still eat nourishing, yummy food!).
  • It has put the joy back into meal time.
Remember, every little step in the right direction helps.  And we can help you to take those little steps.

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