What is Real Food?

My real food journey started about 10 years ago.  At the time we didn’t have health insurance and I was having stomach issues.  I couldn’t afford to go to the Dr. so I went to google instead.  And one thing led to another and I came to the conclusion that the food I was eating was the source of my problems.  

I made the decision to eat only real foods.

  •  Meats
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Whole grains
  • And anything with a label had to have less than 5 ingredients and I had to be able to pronounce those names.

Now this didn’t happen overnight.  Every time I ran out of a food that didn’t fit my list I didn’t buy it again.  And many things I replaced with what I thought at the time to be healthier options. 

I would replace say, a cereal like Cocoa Puffs with Trader Joe’s Gorilla Munch.  Or Oreo’s with Traders Joe’s Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies.  Or Goldfish with Trader Joe’s Organic Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers.  You get the idea.  And those were better choices.  But they were not the best.  And they were not what I should have been eating if I wanted optimum health.  I wasn’t feeling better and every year I would get the colds and flues that were going around.

So I bumped it up a notch. No more packaged foods. 

And you know what?  I didn’t get sick that year.  I was working in a children’s nursery/preschool and everyone around me was sick but I stayed well through that whole winter.  I was pretty impressed with that and thought, “Wow, this real food thing is right on the mark”.

But my stomach was still having issues.

And this led to more research.

It seems as though on this real food journey the more I learned, the more I realized I needed to know, and then the more I needed to learn.

As an example, I was still eating packaged bread.  After all, who has the time to make their own bread, right?  And I was paying attention to ingredients…but then I realized that it’s about the flour and where it comes from and how it’s processed.  And the oil, is it good or bad?  And even the yeast.  Yikes! 

And then all these questions started coming up.  Was my broth gelatinous? Were my fats good? What about probiotics?  I can get them in my food? And I need to soak my grains?  And where are my eggs coming from?

So now my real food list looks more like this…

Now remember, I said this did not happen overnight.  This has been a journey. I have learned a lot on the way and I am still learning.

Food is meant to fuel our bodies and sustain us.  It is meant to give us energy and to keep us healthy.  Food can either help us or hurt us.  It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Kid yourself not; the food you choose to nourish your body with makes a big difference.  And it’s up to YOU to learn (with my help) what you need to do to make this all possible.

It might seem easier to blame the “evil” food corporations for all of the problems.  But remember they are just businesses with a bottom line.  And their bottom line is more important to them than your health.  It’s up to you and only you to take care of your health.  It’s not the government’s responsibility and it’s not the big food corporation’s responsibility. 

It’s up to you! 

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