Master Pantry List


1. Canned tomatoes:  Crushed, whole, tomato paste

2. Dried pasta:  Your favorites, at least one kind at any given time

3. Rice:  Brown rice & Arborio (for risotto)

4. Nut butters:  Your favorites with no added ingredients (of course!)

5. Raw honey

6. For baking:  Various grains, bread flour, whole wheat flour, organic sugars (granulated, brown, powdered), aluminum free baking powder, baking soda

7. Favorite jams and jellies

8. Real maple syrup

9. Dried red pepper flakes

10. Your favorite assorted spices and dried herbs

11. Avocado oil

12. Olive oil

13. Coconut oil

14. Vinegars: raw apple cider, white distilled, and any of your favorite flavors

15. Chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate

16. Cocoa powder

17. Oatmeal, organic

18. Coconut milk, organic

19. Tapioca powder as a thickening agent

20. Ketchup, organic

21. Mustard: yellow & Dijon

22. Mayonnaise, Primal kitchen avocado oil mayonnaise 

23. Potatoes:  At least one kind at any given time

24. Onions

25. Garlic

26. Dried beans: Your favorite, at least one kind at any given time

27. Hot sauces:  Your favorites, at least one kind at any given time


1. Lemons and/or limes

2. Butter from grass fed cows

3. Cheese, raw if possible

4. Eggs

5. Sourdough starter

6. Fermented vegetables: sauerkraut, pickles, or any others that you like.  At least one.

7. Bone broth, chicken or beef or both

8. Kombucha

9. Beet kvass

10. Sparkling water

11. Variety of fresh fruits and vegetable, eat the rainbow!


1. Beef, the best quality you can afford, ground or whole, at least one kind at any given time

2. Chicken, the best quality you can afford

3. Bones for bone broth

4. Vegetable scraps for broth

5. Seafood, wild caught

6. Bread, sourdough (homemade or the best store-bought you can find)

7. Raw nuts (if already soaked be sure to label)

8. Frozen vegetables

9. Ready- made recipes of your choosing

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