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Welcome to our blog!!

My name is Linda Tyler.  Years ago when I decided to eat real foods, before it was as popular as it is today, I quit buying anything processed.  I used up what we had and I didn’t replace it.  Gone were the sugary cereals, salty chips, crunchy crackers, and chewy fruit things.  And no more packaged cookies, or pudding or fruit cups.  We did still have store bought breads and tortillas.  I didn’t question the mayonnaise.  And I still thought that low fat was okay.  And I thought I was doing pretty good.  And I guess I was.  But I had no idea that there was more to real food eating then just clearing out the pantry.

But now I know…

  • There are good fats to consume and bad fats to avoid.
  • Meat should be grass fed.
  • Poultry should be free range.
  • Milk is best when raw.
  • Bone broth is a coveted super food.
  • Grains and nuts should be soaked.
  • Everyone should be eating fermented foods.
So who has time for all of this?  But do we really have time not to?   Don’t we want to do what is best for our bodies?  Don’t we want to avoid the chronic diseases that seem to be plaguing modern man?

Why yes! We do!

And that’s where we come in with this blog.

We are going to show you how.

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